We are BIMCAP, the best outsourcing company for BIM services. Our licensed architects and engineers in Europe and Asia work on BIM-models in all design disciplines.

We provide the best 3D-modelling capacity you can find, we promise

We are BIMCAP, the best outsourcing company for your 3D-modelling work in all design disciplines. We are open, honest, and we have been delivering the best Building Information Modelling (BIM) quality available for many years! In our offices in Europe and Asia, our 75 licensed professionals work for architects, construction companies, engineering companies and hopefully for you.

We employ over 75 licensed architects and engineers to do your modelling work and we closely collaborate with our international partner network: you can always communicate in your own language, talk to people who understand you and visit us in our offices in The Netherlands, Hungary or Hong Kong anytime you want to.

Together with our partners, we are always close to you

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How do we do that? Simple. First of all, we hire the best and train them ourselves. Second, all our architects and engineers are used to be working in (virtual) design teams, are truly collaborating and are part of optimising the design. They understand that often compromises need to be made and will help you do so. And third? Because we care for your project! (And by the way, we want to have fun in the process and be proud of what we do.)

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We have been modelling for years, have a look

BIM is about collaboration; together with our partners and you, we deliver the best BIM quality possible

Whatever our task for you is, from training your staff to fully support a design team in all disciplines, we do it together. That's why being partner in the international Ryder Alliance is important to us. It enables us to work with the best BIM-managers and professionals worldwide, to learn from best-practices all over the world, and to collaborate almost on a global scale. Do you want to join? Please let us know below.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us, let us know how we can assist you. We will contact you very soon.

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