Our 100+ architects and engineers extend your ability to deliver projects in BIM. Our BIM capabilities vary from scan to BIM (we either scan ourselves or make use of a point cloud that you have sent us), modelling LOD100 mass studies for architects, to providing detailed BIM models which cover architectural, structural and MEP designs in order to support the total design process. We can work on clash detection, construction planning and simulations (wind, fire, daylight) but we can also support you in training your staff to become outstanding BIM-modellers. However, we always have one condition: we want to collaborate with you and your team to work on a successful project! If necessary, we can provide modelling capacity 16 hours a day, starting the day in Asia, and finishing in Europe. All in one cloud, one model.

BIM management & support

Our BIM experts support the development, implementation and management of the BIM standards, processes and procedures for landmark projects in the CEE region. We are responsible for the successful completion of BIM deliverables, monitoring delivery schedules, quality control and BIM coordination. We also offer BIM content creation to populate your models. Our professionals are always up-to-date with the latest classification standards and guidelines such as Uniclass, Omniclass, ISO, PAS, RIBA, BIM7AA and COBie.

BIM project delivery

Our BIM-capable architects and engineers will work as an extension of your design team to deliver your projects in BIM. Whether you lack capacity of architects, electrical, structural or mechanical engineers, we are able to help you. Working closely together with your architects and engineers, we will make sure the construction company can build precisely what you have designed and that all potential clashes have been solved!

BIMCAP design support service

Architecture & Engineering

We partner with BIM-capable architecture, engineering and construction firms to design complete projects for you - efficiently in BIM. Our international network of partners covers all design disciplines and collaborate in a closed-BIM environment, ensuring the highest quality outcomes.

BIMCAP architecture and engineering in BIM service

Clash Detection

We offer full coordination of multidisciplinary models to help you avoid costly re-work and delays on construction sites. Using BIM, spatial coordination errors can be resolved in the design phase already, eliminating re-work and costly delays on the construction site.

4D / 5D Construction Services

4D / 5D BIM services include construction animation, project scheduling and cost estimation to control progress and cost on the construction site. Our 4D-scheduling services which include construction animation and project phasing can offer you peace of mind, knowing that your project is going in the right direction. Our 5D-estimating services which will give you correct bills of quantities will assure you that the construction company can calculate with the exact quantities and materialisation.


Our 6D sustainability services include a conceptual energy analysis which covers leed, breeam and breeam tracking. The detailed BIM model enables us to perform all kind of simulations: form a virtual construction simulation to optimise the construction, wind simulations, daylight simulations and fire simulations to a complete energy simulation of the building. Not only will this enhance the efficiency in the construction phase, it will also make it easier to optimise the design itself.

BIMCAP simulations service

Scan to BIM

There are many reasons why you need a model from a 3D-scan; from a simple architectural model for space management, to a multi-disciplinary model to design an extension or to optimise facility management and operations. You can send us your point-cloud or we can even do the scanning ourselves with our state-of-art laserscanners and experienced professionals. The end result is the same: a detailed BIM-model of an existing building.

BIMCAP scan to BIM service

As-built model

It sounds simple, delivering an as-built model after (re)construction works. But with years of experience, we know it can be a lot of work. Based on the red-line revisions that the construction company has sent us, or based on a 3D-scan on site, we can produce the as-built model for you. We can even compare the detailed design model with 3D-scans to see where construction has not been done according to the detailed design. We also understand what needs to be in the model if it will be used in the operational, facility management phase.

BIMCAP As-built model service

Facility Management

We have a lot of experience in providing data-rich, as-built models and COBie data extraction to ensure that your building will have the correct foundations for efficient and clear life cycle strategies. Based on a 3D scan on site or an existing as-built Architectural model, we will optimise the BIM model for the operation of the building or integrate it with facility management systems. We can advice on the integration of your BIM and FM system into a CDE platform.

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